The Marlin Model 1894 Cowboy is a .45 Long Colt lever action rifle that combines Old West styling with a modern action. It features a tapered 24-inch octagon barrel, a 10-round tubular magazine, a closed-top receiver and side ejection. This model has. This mod allows your sims to unlock actions that consist of what a real relationship truly is. With using the MC Woohoo option in the command center, your sims will be able to experience realistic life-like situations such as surprise pregnancies, polygamy, no strings woohoo, and teen pregnancies! Why this is a must: Realistic pregnancies. 9.21 /10 10. Snowy Escape. 9.25 /10 11. City Living. 9.50 /10 12. Get Famous. The Sims arguably has one of the most loyal fanbases of any video game franchise. Players have been returning to the franchise for two decades, and each game offers its own unique spin on simulated life. While The Sims 4 was a little barren when it first released, the.

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